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Empower your team with our comprehensive training services while ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your audio-visual systems through our meticulous maintenance offerings.

Our Training Services Include

Explore our comprehensive training services designed to equip your team with the knowledge and skills to optimize audio-visual technology integration and operation.
  • Training on site of your location specified on your terms.
  • Specified time and schedule for training sessions with full documentation and manuals provided.
  • Full hands on experience training with one or a team of AV experts on how to use the equipment and system.
  • Training will include system troubleshooting, how to replace and integrate spare parts, and how to account for and make temporary programming changes.

Maintenance and Support Services

Experience uninterrupted performance with our comprehensive maintenance and support services, ensuring the longevity and optimal functionality of your audio-visual systems.

Visiting the site

The initial visit will include visiting the EOC rooms at regular intervals to check the smooth operations of the solutions provided by our team.

Functional and testing checks

We will test and verify the equipment to make sure the proper functioning of all the procured, upgraded and installed audio-visual equipment.


Thorough inspections to check for decay, corrosion or degradation of the equipment. If any faulty devices are located we offer to repair and change parts.


If a need arises for a product to be changed or replaced, EIDIM will offer services of procuring, shipping, installing the products as well as re-training the concerned person about the product operation and functioning as well updating any software and firmware for devices.


When a equipment is irreparable then, EIDIM will offer the procuring of equipments that is same or similar to meet the performance of the original system and equipments.

Need Maintenance?

At EIDIM, we are committed to help you anyway we can.

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